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Barbara K. Clement


Since 2009, when Barbara K. Clement saw the fruition of her dream with successful publication of her first book, Main Liners: Legacy of Deceit, she has been spinning mystery and intrigue about the community she knows and loves...Philadelphia's Main Line. Main Liners: Vortex of Secrets is her third title in the Main Line mystery series and her fourth and fifth installments are well underway.


In January of 2008 Ms. Clement retired from Villanova University. At Villanova, she had served as Assistant Vice President/Director of the Office of Communication and Public Affairs since October 1994. Prior to that she lived in Manhattan, where for 15 years she was associated with the Estée Lauder Companies, the global cosmetic firm, as their Vice President for Estée Lauder International Public Relations. Before joining Lauder, Ms. Clement served as Vice President of Corporate Advertising and Creative Services for Leslie Fay Inc., a multi-faceted fashion company.


She began her career as an intelligence officer for the U.S. government and went on to become a syndicated columnist for the Newhouse National News Service and Chicago Sun Times/Daily News Wire Service, working directly for the publishing scion Sam Newhouse and his family. Her lively fashion-lifestyle columns appeared regularly in more than 150 newspapers throughout the U.S. She also served as a foreign correspondent for two years, covering European news for the wire services from a home in Amsterdam and the Condé Nast offices at the Palais du Bourbon in Paris.


As an international public relations/marketing executive and member of the working press, Ms. Clement has traveled extensively. She has lived in Europe and Turkey, worked in most European countries as well as Africa, Australia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan.


Ms. Clement makes her home on the Main Line with her husband and their four cats.


Main Liners: Vortex of Secrets
by Barbara K. Clement
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Aging sisters Edwina and Viola Tyrwhitt think they've left the tragedy and turmoil of their youth behind as they live comfortably in their shared home alongside St. Edmund's University. Their illusion of tranquility is destroyed when the bell tower on their property comes crashing down to expose skeletal remains buried deep beneath the chapel floor. Their journey to discern who these people were and how they came to be buried on their Main Line property reveals that it is never too late to confront family secrets. And with these bones are more secrets that the sisters could have dreamed: murder, affairs, blackmail and international treasures.

Softcover (ISBN: 978-0-9815129-5-2)
PRICE: $20.95 - plus tax, shipping & handling


Main Liners: The Blue Fahua
by Barbara K. Clement
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In this, the second novel in her Main Line mystery series, Barbara K. Clement invites readers to venture beyond the Main Line to some of the world’s most exotic locales. From the punishing tundra of Siberia to the enchanting and romantic environs of Paris, two exceptional women will be tested mentally, physically, and morally…as both women revisit their pasts in an effort to find their way home.

Jessica Rawlins returns to confront the ghosts of a past long hidden and leave her comfortable suburban lifestyle behind. Reluctant at first to re-enter a clandestine existence, she soon realizes how much of herself has been buried with the past–essentially all that makes her feel intelligent, resilient, and passionate.

Meanwhile, socialite Charlotte Fallowell also wrestles with her past and current identities. Forced to face secrets buried deep within the generations of her family, Charlotte learns that even her bucolic Main Line sanctuary cannot protect her from the hazards hidden in her Russian heritage. Facing the latest rumors and gossip about her husband and family at a social meeting, she alone is left to find the answers that will lead out of danger and back to safety.

After venturing so far into the world and the past, can they return to their Main Line lives?

Softcover (ISBN: 978-09815129-4-5)
PRICE: $17.00 - plus tax, shipping & handling


Main Liners: Legacy of Deceit
by Barbara K. Clement

Although Emmons Harrison Whitley did not anticipate when he would die, he had to know his funeral would be a social event for those on the Main Line. Although publicity typically holds a stigma with Main Liners, this particular funeral was a veritable "who's who" in the social network connecting the old affluent families of this suburban Philadelphia region. What this Main Line patriarch did not realize was that his last wishes would lead to the discovery of long-buried secrets causing family and friends to question who literally is who. A robbery of Whitley's safe shortly after his death sets in motion the unraveling of a tangle of scandalous secrets including murder, robbery, affairs, and lies. Could the truth break apart this family when on the Main Line, family is everything?

Softcover (ISBN: 978-0-9815129-2-1)
PRICE: $17.00 - plus tax, shipping & handling


Main Liners Special: All Three Volumes
by Barbara K. Clement

Main Liners Special: Volumes 1, 2 & 3
PRICE: $45.00 plus tax, shipping & handling


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